There are many hair extension techniques to choose from...

We feel that we have chosen the best.

Micro-loop Extensions.


What sets apart micro-ring hair extensions (also known as micro-loop hair extensions) is that there is no need for adhesive, making this technique the preferred option of many. Your hair is actually attached to the extension via a very small ring and pressed very close to the scalp. Still on the fence?


The Facts


- Micro rings are designed in a way so that they are small enough to be visible in a natural way.

- These hair extensions don’t require any heat or adhesives meaning it does little to no hair damage at all.

- Micro Extensions can last up to to 3 months with regular maintenance throughout.

-Easy and quick removal with no damage or adhesive left over.

- You can wear and treat your extensions like your natural hair: style it, wash it, dry it.

-Micro hair extensions are a great way to elongate and add volume to your hair.

- Full head installation can take a little bit of time due to the volume of hair that is being added,this is a normal but is so worth the wait!

-Micro-loops are only really suitable for hair that is naturally 4cm or longer, this is to ensure that all micro rings are hidden and the overall look is natural and blended.

-We provide a range of services within Micro-loops that can be cost affective, which provides a high impact. 


Maintainence and aftercare


-Before the application, ensure that your hair is deeply cleansed and free of oil.

-We can provide a blow dry service (price as per pricelist) before to ensure your hair is properly preped for your Micro-loops service.

-As with all human hair extensions, it is important to maintain your micro-loops at home, with that in mind  

always use shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that are specially selected by your stylist.

-Also be gentle when brushing your extensions. Start from the tips of the hair and work your way upwards, ensuring all knots and tangles are removed!

It is usual to loose a few loops, however keep these until your next visit .


We recommend you have your Micro loops re-tightened every 3-4 weeks to ensure the longevity of your extensions.


Installation Prices


Full Head Installaion      £220 plus cost of Hair 

Half Head Installation    £120 plus cost of Hair

Fashion Colour Flashes  £35 per 10 loops plus cost of Hair

Maintanance Prices 40% of instillation costs (Finish included in half and full head only)