Our Work

Please Feel free to look through some past work of the salon with explanations of the clients process and what it is they had. Hopefully giving you some inspiration for your visit.


Hidden Rainbow

We started off by doing a full colour correction to give a good base for the vivid colours using our MUK lightening products. We then proceeded to use the Vivid range to create a stunning hidden rainbow and a bright over layer.

Soft Blonde Mullet

We had fun creating a soft face framing mullet by removing lots of weight and length around the face and leaving a weightier lengthy look in the back. Finishing with a blow-dry to give the hair a tousled fun look.


Soft Balayage Foils

A T-section of foils with ash tones was used to create this soft balayage look followed by a a layered cut and blow-dry for those soft glamorous waves.

Rose Pink Balayage

After giving our client a refreshed balayage we then decided to use Muk Vivid direct dyes to create a mixture of rose and pink tones on the lightened parts for a subtle pop of colour.